Menopause outside work

Menopause outside work

Menopause outside work

Menopause can have a huge effect on our working life. But unfortunately, dealing with the symptoms doesn’t stop when we leave the office. I work widely with women on a personal basis to help them with their menopause journey and can do this in several ways:

121 menopause consultations

60 minutes dedicated to discussing symptoms, providing guidance around HRT, helping women with speaking to their GP, giving advice on symptom tracking, lifestyle changes, nutrition, supplements and exercise. Basically, whatever is needed to help during menopause.
This can be via zoom or in person

In a group with friends

Get a group of friends together for a light-hearted evening to discuss all aspects of menopause that maybe you haven’t wanted to talk about before. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and get some individual advice too. These evenings are really uplifting and it’s always great to see how women support each other.

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