Fiona Coppard

Who Am I?

I’m Fiona. I’m a menopause adviser for organisations and individuals.
I’m also a qualified Personal Fitness Trainer & Certified Nutrition Advisor and I specialise in midlife. Helping women from peri to post menopause.
I deliver training sessions and workshops to help organisations to understand menopause, how it can impact women at work and what they can do to support this vital workplace demographic through the process.
I also work 121 with women to provide advice and guidance on their personal menopause journey.

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How did I end up here?

Back in 2011 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Thankfully I recovered well but it did mean that when I began to experience menopause symptoms, HRT was not available to me.

Given my background in fitness and nutrition, I started to look into alternative ways to support the body through menopause. And I was hooked!
Menopause will affect over 50 percent of the population. But, until quite recently, it was rarely spoken about. I did my research and training about all elements of the process – lifestyle, food, nutrition, HRT and menopause in the workplace.

I started to work more and more with women in this phase of life and loved being able to help them feel better about themselves.

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Many will say that teenage kids are more difficult than toddlers, plus we’re often higher up the career so potentially more pressure there and we may be taking on caring responsibilities for parents too.
All while trying to manage a huge physical, emotional and psychological change.

My aim is to help women to navigate this change – in all areas of their lives. And to assist organisations in understanding this life stage and help their employees to feel supported and included while they work through it.


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